Uumen services offer wellness for meeting guests and for tourists

Uumen aims to inspire people to feel better and to realize the importance of their wellness.

Uumen services offer good feeling for meeting guests and for tourists.

Sokos Hotels in North Karelia seized the wellness trend

The goal of Uumen is to inspire people to feel better and to realize the importance of their well-being. Sokos Hotel in North Karelia together with local entrepreneurs created new Uumen services such as forest yoga and signing bowl meditation which offer good feeling and shared experiences for meeting guests. Uumen weekends which dive a little deeper continue during fall 2021 are aimed towards tourists.

"Taking care of yourself is still considered one of world's megatrends. Our hotels in Bomba, Koli and Joensuu support is with various ways. Together with our renewed spa and wellness services the recently launched Uumen services offer a good opportunity for our guests to energize and to feel good", product developer Elina Holopainen from North Karelian Cooperative Society (PKO) tells. "An employee who feels well is more motivated and manages his/her work better."

"Uumen as a name refers to the depths of human soul and the good feeling within. When you feel well you can share it with others", Holopainen continues.


Offering wellness from short moments to long weekends

Uumen selection includes singing bowls meditation, forest and wine yoga and different wellness lectures and talks. The programs are united by the fact that they are suited for everyone and they are an easy way to get into wellness. The national landscape and the nature in North Karelia increase the wellness of Uumen guests.

Uumen offers both shorter moments as well as long weekends. The easiest way to try Uumen services is to book a short relaxation moment during you meeting break. The programs take place either in our hotels or the nature close-by and the prices vary from 17€ to just a little over 150€. Uumen programs are available at Break Sokos Hotel Bomba, Break Sokos Hotel Koli and Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel and Vaakuna in Joensuu. The program is usually connected with a Uumen meeting package which includes Uumen themed food.


Local entrepreneurs creating Uumen services

Around 15 local entrepreneurs have been choces to produce the services from North Karelia. Yoga with Minna - yoga studio's entrepreneur Minna Hämäläinen is one of them. Hämäläinen has been a part-time yoga instructor since 2013 and her customers include bot local societies as well as international companies.


Hämäläinen is eagerly looking forward to guide yoga in the stunning locations of Koli and Bomba as well as her home town Joensuu. "There is a definete demand for Uumen. Wellness interests us all more and more and it is great that wellness services are being offered besides work and meeting days", Hämäläinen tells. "The wants and needs of a company group is good to be clarified during the selling process, that way it is easy to choose the best Uumen moment for each group. For example, my energizing Power Yoga is a good way to start of a meeting day."


To whom are the Uumen services meant for?

  • To everyone, who want to geel better, be more energized, to get a flow feeling at work and to be more efficient
  • For meeting groups, work refreshment days, bachelor/bachelorette parties, also for wellness tourists after the pandemic. Bomba and Koli are especially suited for developing wellness at work. The minimum size of the group is 6.
  • Uumen weekends suited for individual tourists are coming during fall 2021

Find out more: www.uumen.pko.fi/en


Uumen wellness tips can also be found from our social media groups: uumen_tapahtumat




For more information and for bookings: Sales Service tel. +358 20 1234 660, sales.karelia@sokoshotels.fi 


For more information: 

Tiina Kanninen, Tourism and Sales Divisional Director, North Karelian Cooperative Society, tiina.kanninen@sok.fi, tel. 050 440 3385

Elina Holopainen, Product Developer, North Karelian Cooperative Society / Tourism and Restaurant Business, Elina.Holopainen@sok.fi, tel. 050 326 7016


Examples of Uumen services 2021 at our hotels in Joensuu, Bomba and Koli:

Relaxation moment, laughter yoga, wine yoga, seasonal yoga, nature moment by the campfire, singing bowls meditation, mindfulness, forest yoga, forest meditation, talk about good sleep, talk about nutrition


North Karelian Cooperative Society (PKO) is a cooperative owned by its members which produces benefits and services for its owners in 13 different municipalities and cities in North Karelia. PKO has a total of 128 different units which employ over 1400 people. 

PKO has been awarded with a Key Flag Symbol which refers to Finnish labour and skills. PKO's basic mission is to produce services and benefits for its owners as well as increase the vitality of our region. Our values are competitivity and common good. 



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