Path Towards yourself

Happiness is often seeked from new things and environments but rarely from oneself. We want to inspire people and communities to realize the importance of your well-being through interesting activities and new experiences.

Uumen moments are here to remind us about the most important thing: when you feel good you can share it to your nearest and dearest. We often make small favors to others - but it is important to remember that you should also do them for yourself. It's not about miracles or radical life changes but reachable and inspiring ways to develop yourself. The moments of epiphany can arise from moments experienced together or alone whether you are in the nature by the campfire, doing forest meditation or in a retreat around silence. Sometimes everything you need are words that hit you deep and make you listen to yourself. 

Uumen offers easy steps for people who are starting their journey - a unique experience can take you away and change your way of life even on a more permanent way but also evoke thoughts for people who are further along in their journey of self-development. Our journey starts as the companion for companies' well-being but in 2021 we will expand our services to everyone. Everyone's path is different so we will tailor our services for your needs, one step at a time. Take a step with us, after that everything is possible. 

For beginners

It's easy to start the journey towards yourself and your well-being through short and easy exercises.

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Deepen your knowledge

These longer moments allow you to take time to look into your well-being and dive deeper.

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Realize and venture

These retreats and day-long programmes allow you to stop and look into yourself and find new aspects.

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