Forest Meditation

Conscious presence is in the center of a forest meditation. For many people the Finnish forest has a calming effect where the peace of the nature reinforces your presence in the moment.
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Find a new way to enjoy the forest and lovely moments among the nature! This Uumen programme heads to a small trip to the nature and focuses on reinforcing your presence in the moment. Meditation and relaxation empowers and you are able to let go of the stress factors you face in your daily life. It is widely known that nature heals and that it can improve well-being and health. This moment in the nature aims to release stress and give energy. If needed we can bring the nature indoors.


Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Location: Joensuu, Koli or Nurmes

Group size: 10-30 people

Language: Finnish and English



25€/person when 10-24 people

23€/person when 25-30 people



25€/person when 10-24 people

23€/person when 25-30 people

Nurmes (Bomba)

25€/person when 10-30 people


The price includes the services of a trained instructor, VAT and a fresh smoothie or sweet overnight oats. 

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