Sleep and Recovery

Each of us needs sleep and its benefits are greater than many of us thought. Come and hear how important sleep is in making your mind and body recover.
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Do you feel that you sleep well and your sleep makes you recover during the night? Do you feel well-rested and energised in the morning? The amount of sleep does not solely guarantee recovery but it also needs to be good quality. This Uumen programme dives into the benefits of good quality sleep and its other effects. How important is sleep in our hectic lifestyles? What tools can we use to guarantee good quality sleep? This session gives you advice and offers a shorter information pack than its peer.


Duration: 1 hour

Location: Joensuu, Koli or Nurmes

Group size: 10-50 people

Language: Finnish and English



24€/person when 10-24 people

22€/person when 25-49 people

20€/person when 50 people and more



29€/person when 10-24 people

27€/person when 25-49 people

25€/person when 50 people and more


Nurmes (Bomba)

23€/person when 10-24 people

21€/person when 25-49 people

19€/person when 50 people and more


The price includes the services of a trained instructor, VAT, meeting room rent and a smoothie or sweet overnight oats.

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