Secrets of Sleep

This in-depth Uumen programme dives into the topic of sleep and recovery which supports you when life gets busy.
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This Uumen programme helps you to deepen your knowledge on sleep and its benefits and effects. The quality of sleep and your energy levels affect your overall efficiency and attentiveness. Nowadays the pace of life at work and at home can cause stress which weakens the quality of sleep. Sleep and its power on recovery are essential building blocks for your wellness. How sleep and its quality can be improved in your daily life and how important is recovery? What tools can you use in order to do this? This programme opens the benefits, possible obstacles and tools with the help of our trained instructor. After the day you have new tips and advice how to sleep better and you are able to analyse your sleep.


Duration: 3 hours

Location: Joensuu, Koli or Nurmes

Group size: 10-50 people

Language: Finnish and English



62€/person when 10-24 people

60€/person when 25-49 people

58€/person when 50 people and more



68€/person when 10-24 people

66€/person when 25-49 people

64€/person when 50 people and more


Nurmes (Bomba)

61€/person when 10-24 people

59€/person when 25-49 people

57€/person when 50 people and more


The price includes the services of a trained instructor, VAT, meeting room rent and a soup lunch or a generous salad buffet.

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