Self-leadership and Wellbeing

Take time and dive into the subject of self-leadership and well-being with the help of relaxing flow and deep relaxation exercises.
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In todays working life the importance of the personnels' well-being has taken a higher stand. Especially self-leadership is vital for the well-being of oneself. How can I develop my willpower and self-discipline which are the keys to success? How do I lead myself? This Uumen programme leads you and your team towards the importance of exercise and nutrition. How can the right diet and exercise affect our general well-being and how we manage at work? How can I build an exercise plan which fits me when time is limited? Besides the informational part of this programme we relax with the help of flow and deep relaxation exercises during which your stress releases, your nervous system calms down and you deepen your presence in the moment.


Duration: 4-5 hours

Location: Joensuu

Group size: 10-50 people

Language: Finnish, English or French



159€/person when 10-24 people

157€/person when 25-49 people

155€/person when 50 people and more


The price includes the services of a trained instructor, VAT, meeting room rent and either a soup lunch or a generous salad buffet.

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