Focus in the Moment

This programme gives you an opportunity to focus on the moment with the help of yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness.
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Level 2

This programme consists of a yoga class combined with breathing exercises and mindfulness and it is suited for everyone. It is dynamic and increases your metabolism with the help of rotational and stretching moves. The breathing exercises help to control and calm your mind. They are especially useful in stress control. Mindfulness on the other hand focuses on the presence and keeps our minds clear even on a busy day. This way we can hold on to our problem solving skills and calmness when things get hectic. This Uumen programme strengthens your self-esteem and your own power as well as helps you to find your positive resources within yourself. 


Duration: 2 hours

Location: Joensuu

Group size: 10-50 people

Language: Finnish, English or French



44€/person when 10-24 people

42€/person when 25-49 people

40€/person when 50 people and more


The price includes the services of a trained instructor, VAT, meeting room rent and a fresh smoothie or sweet overnight oats. 

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