Uumen Meeting Package

Choose an Uumen themed meeting package to support your wellness besides your choice of Uumen programmes to give you well-deserved breaks during your meeting day.
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Having a meeting day? Choose refreshing Uumen programme to relax your team from our wide selection. In addition to this you can choose Uumen themed food which includes morning coffee and salty treats, generous lunch as well as an afternoon coffee with sweet treats. We want you and your group to be able to increase your wellness and leave home more relaxed than when you arrived.

Note that this food package is available to a minimum of 10 people. If there are under 30 participants the food will be served directly to tables and when there are over 30 people there will be a buffet. This food package is available in all our hotels in Joensuu, Koli and Nurmes.


Uumen themed food package

Morning coffee with a salty treat:

Flavored water, fruits, nuts, coffee and brewed tea, honey, sugar, oat milk and regular milk

Sweet overnight oats with berries and a green smoothie



Starter salads: tomatoes, cucumber, a selection of lettuce, three-bean salad, bulguria-qvinoa and vegetables, eggs, pickled vegetables, pineapple and melon salad. Chia seed bread and rye bread, hummus and butter.

Pesto salmon, coconut-tofu curry, steamed vegetables and rice-lentil-kale bake

Coffee & tea, dark chocolate


Afternoon coffee with sweet treats:

Flavored water, fruits, nuts, coffee and brewed tea, honey, sugar, oat milk and regular milk

Raw vegan cake and fruit quark


Location: Joensuu, Koli or Nurmes

Price for the food package:







Nurmes (Bomba)



Interested? Contact us through the contact form on the left or directly to our sales service +358 20 1234 660 or sales.karelia@sokoshotels.fi.

Please note these prices do not include Uumen programmes, only food. 


We reserve the rights for price changes.