Seasonal Yoga

Feel the rhythms of the seasons and the changes in nature through relaxed yoga. This programme is suited for everyone!
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Nature, changes in nature and for example, the change of seasons affects us more than we know. Seasonal yoga is based on the changes and rhythm of the seasons. The movements support the season at hand and strengthen the energy levels of the mind and body. For example autumn is an excellent time to calm down when the evenings get darker and the daily life commences after summer. Autumn is the time for inner reflection and it offers a good opportunity to practise breathing and to quiet down. This Uumen programme is suitable for everyone and it does not require previous experience. Bring your team to try something new!


Duration: 1 hour

Location: Joensuu

Group size: 10-50 people

Language: Finnish, English or French



26€/person when 10-24 people

24€/person when 25-49 people

22€/person when 50 people and over


The price includes the services of a trained yoga instructor, VAT and meeting room rent. 

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